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Old Made

Café Chair "Castle" with Vintage Tapestry Covering

Café Chair "Castle" with Vintage Tapestry Covering

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In an extension of our cushion range, this chair with is gothic looking castle and crisp white clouds has been given a quirky new life from ethically sourced vintage, second hand, scrap, and collected fabrics. Each one is as unique as its owner.

This piece is an adult sized vintage café chair.

The Old Made collection of tapestries in both 100% cotton or wool started as a hobby and has grown into almost an obsession. Each tapestry (or embroidery), was hand stitched by an unknown crafter who spent hours laboring with needle and thread. Despite falling out of favor for many years, the colors, and sometimes kitsch subject matter deserve a second look. Or maybe a third or forth one!

we hope you will love giving a new life to these objects as much as we enjoy making them.

Shipping to be confirmed on purchase. Collection is available by request.

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